High Precision, Quality & Caliber

See how our machinery, tooling, and machinists
make up the heart of our operations.

Welcome to Stigtec Manufacturing LLC

Stigtec Manufacturing is a full service machining company serving the heart of the high-tech industry. Our reputation is built on the superior care we take in providing high precision, cosmetically beautiful, machined parts with fast deliveries.

Our team is expert in supporting our customer’s design and engineering base, keeping the lines of communication open from concept to completion. Stigtec is known for identifying suspected problems and communicating these concerns to you, resulting in successful part & project designs, avoiding costly rework or scrap parts.

Stigtec consistently upgrades both software and manufacturing equipment to maintain the cutting edge in today’s technologically advanced environment.

Our values may seem “old-fashioned,” but we want you experience the care and personal attention that you deserve. You can count on us to give you the very best every time!

Proudly Providing Our Clients With


Milling, turning, and grinding capabilities from quantities of one to thousands

Design Assistance

Collaborating with customers to assist in bringing concepts to manufacturing level


We’re capable of making modifications to existing parts or fixtures to facilitate design changes


Providing mechanical assembly as needed to ensure proper fits of mating components

Introducing “The Handle”

Stigtec Manufacturing has designed and tested the perfect Vise Handle for CNC Machines. The Handle! Made in the U.S.A. by Machinists for Machinists. Fits all vises with 3/4 hex. Our hex pocket design doesn’t allow the handle to slide up and bind with your vise.  Read below for more details and order The Handle for yourself today!

The Handle

Center position allows for rapid open/close


The outside position allows creating for high torque


Engineered from high-strength polished billet aluminum


Contoured handle is comfortable to operate